In pursuit of excellence; always.

We at Turakhia Decor seek to improvise in everything we do.
Turakhia Decor was founded in 2017, with an aim to offer the best complimenting products for the wood & veneer industry.
We started out with offering superior veneer edging solutions and solid wood highlights. We now expand our horizons to offer the best wood coating materials to retain the real warmth of natural wood
Our Brands
Today 'Turakhia Decor LLP' stands as the most innovative brand for decorative veneers in India. We have developed specialized veneer panel products.

Citing a growing need for veneer edge bandings, Turakhia Decore is the first company to offer biggest range of finger jointed veneer edge bandings in rolls in the Indian market.
A ground breaking application of solid wood- 'Gemss- Premium hand crafted wood mosaics'- for designers seeking the real 'natural' look !!
Introducing the all new Gemss Radiance- Illuminating Surfaces from the house of Natural.


GFTN-INDIA(The Global Forest And Trade Network) Certification

'Natural Veneers' once again leads the way in moving forward with responsible forestry by becoming the first veneer company in India to be a participant of GFTN- India (The Global Forest and Trade Network).

GFTN is a WWF's initiative to eliminate illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management. GFTN facilitates conservation of forests while providing benefits to communities dependent on them.

We at Natural Veneers are committed to process wood in an environment friendly fashion and thus we extend whole hearted support to sustainable forest management practices.

By adhering to strict sustainable forest management practices in purchasing and processing wood, we have gained Forest certification (COC).

It's your assurance that the wood you're using came from well-managed forests using practices to ensure long-term availability.

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