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2D Solid Wood Mosaics

Our USP and Primary focus is to provide value added thick wood in various shape and sizes. Since the world knows the importance of using handcrafted solid wood, we have opted to offer the same to the world.


Gemss 2D Mosaics are created from selected timber planks which are generally not considered for creating veneer panels. By using Gemss wooden mosaics, you reduce the need to cut more trees to get the lumber and go one step further in sustainable and eco-friendly design. With its modular tile format, it helps in minimizing wastage during application and can be used to clad surfaces of any size with seamless appearance.


Gemss wooden mosaics have a fabric backing and offer substantial flexibility in application over surfaces of any size & shape enhancing the visual appeal, feel & warmth created by use of wood. Gemss can be used for application over flat surfaces as well as surfaces with simple & complex curvature offering a far greater flexibility vis-a-vis conventional wood products.


Gemss is a new palette of textures created using a wide array of wood species from across the world in various mosaic patterns providing numerous design options to use wood in unprecedented ways and enrich the quality of spaces designed by you.


Gemss mosaics are created with precision, backed by meticulous engineering and stringent measures of quality control resulting into very high levels of production quality and utmost consistency across different batches of production. As a cladding material, Gemss recreates the sophistication of richly crafted wooden surfaces with lesser degree of skills required for its application vis-a-vis surfaces crafted by traditional craftsmen. Application of Gemss over any surface and its finishing is done much faster as compared to application of traditional wooden products.


On Request

Pre coated with fine wood composite finishes to get the best surface aesthetics & optics.

Customize Design

On Request

Be it Size, Shape or Color.

We do customize. Make your imaginations come true.